Releasing Tension With a Tantric Massage: A Step-by-Step Guide


If you’re looking to de-stress, there’s no need to go on a luxurious vacation. All you need is a tantric massage.

A tantric massage can release tension and help you feel more connected to your body. In this guide, we’ll teach you the basics of a tantric massage—from finding the right spot to giving and receiving touch.

So, whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or want to explore the sensual side of massage, read on for our step-by-step guide to giving and receiving a tantric massage.

Tantric Massage parlor - man doing Tantric Massage therapy for a young female, close up
Tantric Massage parlor – man doing Tantric Massage therapy for a young female, close up

What Is a Tantric Massage?

Imagine a massage that’s as sensual as it is relaxing, where every movement is designed to increase pleasure and free you from tension. This is tantric massage.

A tantric massage is a type of erotic massage that uses stimulation of the erogenous zones to help you achieve a state of deep relaxation and heightened sexual arousal. The result? Pure bliss.

In a typical tantric massage session, the masseuse will use her hands, feet, breasts or genitals to massage your body. She’ll also use breath work and mantra to help you let go of any stress or tension you may be carrying.

Benefits of a Tantric Massage

You might be wondering what the benefits of a massage are. Simply put, a tantric massage can help you relax, release tension and feel more connected to your body. It can also help improve your sex life by increasing sexual awareness and vitality.

But that’s just the beginning. A tantric massage can also help you connect with your partner on a deeper level and experience a more profound level of intimacy. It can help you explore your sexuality and experience greater levels of pleasure. Plus, it’s a great way to learn about your own body and how to please your partner.

Preparing for Your Tantric Massage

Before you get started, it’s important to prepare both your mind and your space for the massage. This means making sure you’re in a comfortable and relaxed environment with plenty of room to move around.

You’ll also want to make sure that the room is at a comfortable temperature—not too hot, not too cold. And if possible, try to avoid loud noises or distractions that might disrupt your relaxation.

The Different Techniques of a Tantric Massage

Now that you know more about the benefits of a tantric massage, let’s dive into the different techniques of a massage. This type of massage focuses on stimulating energy points, breathing exercises and various movements to help relax your body and mind. Here are some of the common elements of a tantric massage session:

– Breathing: The rhythm and depth of your breath set the tone for your entire session. Slow, deep breaths will help slow down your heart rate and tension in your body.

– Linger: Take your time to linger on different parts of the body to savor each sensation and increase circulation to those areas.

– Chanting: You may choose to chant mantras as part of your session; this will help you stay focused on relaxation and turning inward.

– Movements: Move through circular motions and motions from side to side with varying amounts of pressure depending on where you are massaging.

– Focus points: Spend time focusing on certain areas like the back, neck, forehead or shoulders which carry much tension for us all – this will help break up tightness in these areas.

Aftercare Tips for a Relaxing Experience

Relaxing after your massage is just as important as the massage itself. You’ll probably feel a bit drained or tired, but also energized and relaxed. Make sure you take some time to sit with yourself and meditate or do some breathing exercises to get back into your body.

You might also want to drink plenty of water to help flush away the toxins that were released during the massage, as well as to rehydrate. You can even take a bath with warm saltwater after the massage for extra relaxation.

Finally, it’s a good idea to stay away from any stressful activities for the rest of the day, so you can really reap the benefits of the massage. Aim for things that make you feel peaceful and relaxed. Let your body settle into its new state of being!

FAQs on Tantric Massage

Are you new to tantric massage and have some questions? Check out these frequently asked questions for getting started:

– What is the ideal environment for a massage? An ideal environment for a massage should be calming, tranquil and comfortable. Make sure that the space is dimly lit, with soothing music playing in the background. You can also add in incense and candles to enhance the ambiance.

– What should I wear? Comfort is key! Wear whatever makes you feel relaxed, such as an oversized tee or yoga pants.

– Is it necessary to be nude? You don’t have to be nude, but if you do choose to remove your clothing keep in mind that your masseuse will typically use their hands only—so no oils are used during the massage.

– How long should I expect a typical session to last? Generally, a session usually lasts between 60-90 minutes. However, this will depend on your particular needs so be sure to communicate with your masseuse before starting your session.


A tantric massage can be a deeply spiritual and sexual experience. If you’re considering booking a session, make sure you’re clear about what you want and what the therapist is comfortable with. Remember, it’s important to stay hydrated before and after your massage, and to give yourself time to relax and integrate the experience afterwards.