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First visit - How to prepare and what to know

First visit - How to prepare and what to know

Erotic massage is a great way to explore your body and discover new sensations. We'll tell you everything you need to know about erotic massage, its types, and how to prepare yourself, what to expect, and more. So relax and get ready to learn the art of sensual touch.

Difference of erotic massage from a regular relaxing massage is that during the massage the client and the masseuse are both naked. Usually an erotic massage also ends with a happy ending.

The first step is to make a reservation and choose your specialist using one of the many ways to contact us (+420 777 329 325)

To make your choice easier, we recommend you to look at the “Massages” section, where the programs are described in more details, and if you will still have additional questions, the administrator will help you choose a massage that will meet your expectations the best. Feel free to ask the administrator any questions you have, we will be happy to tell you more about ourselves.

Upon entering the salon, the administrator will greet you and offer you a “Welcome drink”: tea, coffee, refreshing or alcoholic drink.

At the reception you can once again discuss the details of the massage you are interested in, if desired, after which you will meet the master who will take you to the locker room where you will find all the hygiene products you need (slippers, towel...).

In our salon you will find several different types of erotic massages that differ both in the techniques that the master will use and in additional attributes that make the massage more interesting and intensive. Also, our salon offers a unique “sensual massage” - a massage during which the girl tries to create more intimate atmosphere with her partner through sensual touches and gentle hugs.

However, during your first visit, we suggest you to start by choosing the “Body to Body” massage. Body to Body massage includes: an erotic shower with a master before and after the massage at the request of the guest, after which an attractive masseuse coats herself and you with pleasant, warming oils and begins with relaxing massage techniques, after which she massage the whole body, so that you can truly relax and have an unforgettable experience. The massage ends with relaxation of the more intimate parts of the man's body.

You can leave your feedback, complaints or recommendations at: erozenspa888@gmail.com

We'll be glad to meet you.

13 Jun 2024

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