Massage pussycat

Pussy Cat


- Erotic shower with a master before and after massage if desired

- Relaxing body warming with warm oil

- Massage with elements of tantric massage

- Massage with all parts of the body of master

- Massage of the penis and testicles

- Erotic ending with hands or feet

- Mutual touches

This massage is intended for men who value mutual satisfaction from the massage process :)

You will start with a relaxing warm shower with a girl, then will be an erotic warming up of the body using warm oil, masseuse will combine various massage techniques that involve all parts of her body (except for the intimate area). You can touch and even kiss the master’s entire body, and in the final part of the massage there will be mutual touches throughout the body (without penetration) 👅💋😍🔥

30:2500 Kč / 109
60:3600 Kč / 156
90:4500 Kč / 196


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